Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Getting started - albeit a little late

#PLENK2010 commenced on Monday however the intro Elluminate session was held on Friday, so I have missed the first few days of activities for the course but am getting into it ..right now!

I am amazed and excited by the number of participants in this course and very much looking forward to learning & challenging myself to get involved.

I have created this dedicated blog to the course so that I can attempt to delineate my thoughts from #FO2010 blog however I am sure there will be many cross references in future posts.

I have read the how to instructions am going to listen to the recorded session from Friday, then I am going to attempt to add my blog to the RSS feed for the course. I can only hope that in weeks to come I will look back at this post and realise how far I have come in my technical ability. I am also going to commence using del.icio.us to track all the reading I will be doing.

I am keen to read the thoughts of other participants in the course by way of their blog posts, not only to involve myself in the thinking and discussion of the course but to improve the way I communicate my thoughts in blog posts ie.layout, writing style, being clear and succinct.

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